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The Time of Year to Be Thankful

This month is important for so many so many reasons. We originally celebrated Thanksgiving as a day of giving thanks to the Native Americans for helping provide food and celebrating the friendship between the First Settlers and Natives. But that's only the original tradition.

Modernly, it's become a time to get back to being grateful for the basic needs in life. Food on our tables as not everyone has this luxury; clean water to drink and bathe in; indoor plumbing and hot water at the tips of our fingers; and our homes, some place we can be safe and warm at night. It's also time to be grateful for the love of our friends and family.

Please take a minute each day when you are texting or emailing to send an 'I love and appreciate you' message to at least one person, until you have told everyone you know and love, and just watch their reaction. It's not the purpose behind the message, but it is an amazing perk.

Make it a habit to tell each one something specific you are grateful for about them. When you have reached the end of your list. Start over and don't ever forget yourself. Send peace to yourself, friends, family, other countries in need and most importantly, those who you would consider enemies. Kindness and generosity are free, especially via text or email, so sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

It's easy to love those who are our friends, family and others who are peaceful people. But we should love those who even despise us. It's harder, but in the end, is worth it. Peace starts in our own hearts and radiates outward. Wait and see who your heartfelt feelings can and will touch.

I love and appreciate each and everyone of you. I support you in my heart. Thank you for your support.

See it. Believe it. Make it happen.