Dana Liesegang

These Are My Adventures

Cross-country Skiing in Florida

This week I am in Florida. It's the 25th year of my new life. I celebrated my alive day on the 25th. I am training my body in several ways. I have been swimming and walking on the beach.

I thought why don't I take my cross country skis and try sand skiing? Well, here was the happy result. I found it easier to ski on the sand rather than walk. Just like in the snow. Well, almost. It's easier to cross country ski then it is to walk. You don't really have to pick up your feet. The soft sand is more difficult than the hard sand near the surf; and if I got too close to the water my skis would stick. If you do it, the semi-wet harder sand is the least difficult. But, there is no glide like on snow. Even though it is super fun. I can go twice the distance on skis as I can walking and twice the speed. Which is still very slow and steady as she goes.

See it. Believe it. Make it happen.