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What a Wonderful Review

I stumbled across this amazing review done by a YouTube user who goes by the name of ReadingMiss0. Her real name is Olivia, and she's from Canada. I hope you enjoy her kind words as much as I did. Please click the photo above or here to watch.

The following written review is also available at GoodReads.com and I was fortunate enough to be granted permission by Olivia herself, and am honored to include it alongside her video review:

FALLING UP: MY WILD RIDE FROM VICTIM TO KICK-ASS VICTORY by Dana Liesegang, with Natasha Stoynoff and foreword by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, was a wonderful read. It was fun, inspirational, and educational. This is a memoir by U.S. Navy Veteran Dana Liesegang, following her life from childhood, to being viciously raped, beaten and thrown off a cliff left to die, and beyond.

Liesegang has a very positive attitude and outlook on life, which shines through on every page. She focuses more on how far she has come and her achievements than on the event that lead to her being in a wheelchair. She does, of course, talk about what happened to her, both in the assault and in darker times pre- and post-attack. Like everyone, she has her dark days, but she has made the best of what life has thrown at of her. She kind of reminds me of a cat having nine lives after reading about all her near death experiences.

Liesegang’s journey has been anything but easy. She’s had many struggles, but she always prevails and does the impossible. From learning to breathe on her own, becoming an independent quadriplegic, being an accomplish athlete, learning to walk (I know, right?! This woman is amazing!) and her amazing journey on the road to forgiveness. I will say this loud and clear: Dana Liesegang is one tough, bad-ass, fabulous woman!

From the very beginning, Liesegang keeps reiterating that rape is not the victim’s fault. Liesegang herself stayed silent about her rape for years before she shared her experience publicly – this is for a few reasons, which she does discuss in her book. It is sad that even in today’s day and age, the victims are the ones blamed for the crime. As a result, it is a taboo subject to discuss and those survivors of rape who do come forward are often not believed. It is heartbreaking. It is extremely clear that Liesegang is trying to change that.

FALLING UP did leave me concerned for service women (and men, too) after reading statistics Liesegang states in her book about rape in the military, along with, of course, her own experience. It horrified me. The fact that something like this malicious attack could happen, and the military bribes/threatens the victim to protect the perpetrator and their image, leaving the criminals walking free and the victims without a voice infuriates me. It’s absolutely outrageous! Those who were violated should be treated with respect, their voices heard, and those who committed the sickening crime should be punished.

Oh, yes. And Liesegang talks about poop a lot. Hey, its part of being a quad! I learned a lot about bowel and bladder function and spinal cord injuries from reading FALLING UP. Luckily, Liesegang has a great sense of humor and finds light in a shitty situation (pun intended).

I would recommend FALLING UP to anyone. If you want an inspirational read, or are dealing with a trauma of your own, or are just looking for a good read, this book is one for you.

*Please note: for some, FALLING UP may trigger emotions from past experiences. Please read with care and don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.

Thank you so so much Olivia.

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