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The Winter in Key West, FL

If you've never been to Florida, you'll have to go...
I thought it would be amazing to spend the winter somewhere warm. I could not have picked a better place. Key West, Florida, is an amazing little slice of Americana. It is the first week of December and regularly 75-80 degrees outside, so I'm enjoying all that Key West has to offer. It's a friendly place where sunset is celebrated every day with entertainers, crafts and more.

One day, I had a great Cuban meal at El Meson de Pepe in Mallory Square for lunch. Another, I rode the Conch Train through the "2 mile long and 4 mile wide rock," as they call it. My conductor Gail and the rest of the conductors were fun and friendly. I was not on the accessible train, but they do have a wheelchair accessible one. I also went to the southern most point of the USA and Mile Marker Zero. It's quite a trek, but completely worthwhile.

The Christmas Palm tree lights are a sight to see, and the sailboats at sunset almost become familiar with their unending frequency. One evening, I was entertained by a man on a unicycle who juggled blades that were on fire. The cobble stone streets are a slight challenge but overall, people are great. Most things are senior and wheelchair friendly.

Let's not forget the roosters and chickens that have free reign of the city. They cruise in and out of restaurants as they please and no one seems to bat an eye. In fact, it's against the law to hold, disrupt, or mess with them in any way. I was surprised at how well they were being treated.

There are over two hundred bars along Duval Street. with plenty of food, drink and entertainment whatever your flavor might be. There is so much to do and see. I'd recommend staying for at least a week to get it all in. There are so many hotel choices, but I am staying on base at the Navy Lodge. There is a base closer to downtown with a Navy Gateway Inn. These two are not affiliated with each other. Of course, in order to stay here, you must have Military I.D.

Well, I'm off to see and do more fun things today. After all, they do say that key West may be the most haunted city of all...

See it. Believe it. Make it happen.