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Mount Crested Butte Cycling Clinic

This is a day I will never forget
The beauty of a place on Earth isn't what’s seen directly upon arrival, it's what you have to work hard to see and having someone to help you reach that beauty is amazing. Mount Crested Butte is one of these places where you have to find the less traveled road to find its mysterious astounding beauty. Normally this beautiful place can be described as WHITE, and an amazing place to ski, but during a few months of summer the world up here at ten thousand feet is BURSTING with life, and color. The wild flowers are blooming, and the birds sing daily, the world is truly a spectacle when you travel here to this beautiful place, it only took a few times of coming up here to show that this place is truly magical.

During my time up at one of my most favorite places in the world, I was able to test my strength while being able to enjoy the gift of exercise. While my time in Mount Crested Butte, Colorado was limited I was able to stretch out the time by trying new things thanks to the help of the Adaptive Center. These folks out here SPECIALIZE in making the outdoors more enjoyable for myself and others. From the Stinger, a Recumbent Trike with two wheels in the front and one in the back, this foot cycle is simply amazing to be in and very comfortable. I had so much fun riding around the beauty of the trails that make up the skiing, hiking area of this beautiful land.

Along with that I was able to try a mountain hand trike. Which helped me enjoy working a new area in my body as well as view the pretty flowers, with this mountain bike I was able to go on trails I normally wouldn't be able to go on, and if I struggled the team at Adaptive, well they were there to help me find a bike that would fit me perfectly. I was able to try a Tandem recumbent trike with some help from Gregg, one of my Instructors, it was so much fun to have someone around me with the drive, and happiness of just being outside. With being around all their positivity they helped me ride a normal two wheel townie, I had to duct tape my right foot to the pedal and made sure that I had two sturdy instructors running along side of me, watching my goofy grin from ear to ear as I soared down the pavement.

I do not have a hard time with determination, but most of all I was appreciative of everything the team at Adaptive did for myself the others they reach out to and help. They make sure that we are well taken care of, with the best equipment out there for us to enjoy the wilderness and beauty of the area around us. From the beautiful wild flowers that litter the mountain side, to the dirt and crazy fun trails of freedom. It was so refreshing being able to be around these folks who wanted to help me test my own limits and even when I thought it was going to be hard and scary these guys were there and championed me on, They even took wonderful care of Jack while I was out there on the trails. The team helped me feel like anything was possible athletically, which is even better when you know that this equipment is available for anyone and everyone who want to enjoy and spend time in the great outdoors.

See it. Believe it. Make it happen.