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Questions for Me?
I'll be headed out on the road soon, and if you have any questions you can't wait to ask me, please submit them now!
Get Lit Performs
If you've yet to see this outstanding performance by some very talented, young women, this is a definite MUST watch.
Olivia's Review
A video and accompanying written review from YouTube user known as ReadingMiss0. I know her better as Olivia.
More From the UK
A very kind review from the United Kingdom's very own Daily Express. I am so humbled and excited to see each and every one of these.
StemCyte Event
An open invitation to all those willing to attend. Please see inside for more information regarding the event.
Across the Pond, UK
The first of a few features from International News Outlets that really love my book...? Why yes, thank you so much.
Down in Key West, FL
Where it's warm and amazing to be around such great and diverse culture and people honestly willing to carry a smile with them everywhere.
Let's Give Thanks
This is a very special time of year, where we can all appreciate and give thanks for those around us that we are lucky enough to have.
Article on TDS
Local Newspaper, The Daily Sentinel, based right here in Grand Junction, CO., interviewed me. This was my response.
Radio Interview
A recent interview I did with Karen Hager on her show Out of the Fog on Empower Radio. It was such a great time.
A Bit of Background
How I was injured, how I got started on my new life's journey, and where I'd like to go. All in one neat little package.
With the Assist
Here's where determination will get you: After nearly two hours of working out, your trainer decides you should go for a stroll. Yes sir.
FL Sand Skis
My most recent trip took me down to Florida. I thought, it may not be snow, but I might as well see how well I can ski on the sand. It totally worked.

KOA in Ashland, KY
Recently, I went to visit some family down in Kentucky and I found an amazing Kampground of America that proved both reliable and accessible.
Do We Need Help?
Just a few simple, easy to follow, tips on helping disabled individuals. Should you come across anybody who appears to need assistance.