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This is my personal home on the Internet. Here you will find information about me and my story, links to my (hopefully soon, many) publications, as well as where I'll be appearing next. Please join my mailing list so we can keep in touch. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Shortly About Me

This was only the beginning...

In October of 1990, I was a “strong, happy-go-lucky, 19 year-old,” who was newly-enlisted in the U.S. Navy, left my ship in the San Diego Harbor in order to go mail a letter to my sweetheart back home. On the return walk to my post, a young, male diver from a neighboring ship offered me a ride. Now I'm only 5’3″ but back then I could benchpress 155lb and am still a peppy little spitfire of a woman. Here, I thought I could handle myself in nearly any situation. This would prove to be a huge mistake, and in turn, allow my fathers words to ring with truth...

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